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about olian and lili del cueto

lili’s quest to enter the fashion industry began early in her formative teenage years. Living in sunny South Florida, where showing off the latest trends is a “must”, lili often negotiated endlessly with her parents to buy her latest fashion pieces. Not always being able to meet her wishes, her parents decided to take advantage of her fashion interest and chose to strike a deal with their young & persistent daughter - in the hopes of channeling her endless energy. They agreed to buy for her whatever fabrics she wanted, but she would in turn have to design and construct the pieces herself. While mightily challenged at first, lili compensated her initial shortcomings with instinctive creativity and youthful perseverance. It was not too long before lili’s efforts paid off and she was able to work the skillful nuances of fit and color combinations. By the age of 22, she graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and to this day, credits her parent’s challenge as the overriding reason for her success in this very beautiful but demanding industry.
Soon after graduating, lili married her husband and soon enough found herself very pregnant – with nothing fashionable to wear. This dilemma prompted lili, to set the foundation for her first business venture, Olian Maternity. At first, like many new designers initially experience, times were tough. lili fondly remembers how she literally started cutting her first designs on the floor of her parent’s home. A lot has happened since, and today, 22 years later, Olian ranks among the top privately owned maternity fashion houses in the industry.

With the success of her first venture clearly behind her, lili decided that it was time to enter the ready-to-wear market and launched her own young contemporary collection into this very competitive space.
lili’s primary focus (and her initial concern), centered around identifying what would make her new line standout in a sea of beautiful designer clothing already in the market. Living in Miami, she adds, greatly assisted her decision. “Miami is an incredible place to witness and develop fashion cues from all over the world – its people are beautiful and very fashion forward with their combination of colors and prints”.

In the fall of 2008, the decision was made that her new line would be called analili (her name “Liliana” spelled backwards) and would primarily focus on introducing exclusive and registered prints in a combination of matching fabrics and beautifully crafted silhouettes. Since then, her teams of designers have been creating large, colorful and exclusive bold prints to introduce on bodies that every woman wants to wear – whether classic or trendy.
lili continually reminds her design team – “that it’s all about the print and how it drapes on the body! Since its launch, analili, has attracted an ever increasing following of upscale contemporary boutiques throughout the US interested in carrying exclusive prints and pieces. lili explains that the success of analili, has been in large part because of the passion, loyalty and commitment of her design team to continually out-do themselves - from their previous season’s accomplishments! It never gets old around here! Time simply flies by when you are given the freedom to come up with new original prints & body styles – to achieve that “WOW … I want this piece!” reaction from customers.

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